the musical this year is "HAIR" 3rd year in it, makes me what we call a SURVIVOR. I had a good role last year in Sweet Charity and a decent role the year before in Footloose...this year they've changed the directors up and decided to put up a cast list without assigning ROLES!!! So we've been rehearsing chorus numbers without knowing our parts. Rehearsals every day (including Saturday). We also go up at the end of January instead of late February / early March.

I would love to know my part, as I have been over-analyzing every single blocking and choreography decision haha...The end.
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i know I don't really do the livejournal thing anymore. this is more for personal reflections.

anyway. the summer was great, I worked at a day camp as a pottery teacher. it was phenomenal.
i spent the past weekend in montreal, and got to spend some time with my friends who recently moved there to go to McGill. it was great...then I returned home to the first day of my grad year.

I suppose it's cool being the senior students at your high school, but I have this void feeling that is supposed to be filled by my best friends who have moved on in their lives to new hopes and aspirations. Being in a learning environment that caters to pupils as young as 12 makes me feel small and worthless...hopefully that feeling will change as the year goes on. In essence, I miss my friends who have graduated.

footloose ends

footloose is over...and that's really upsetting, but I have a lot more free time now...footloose did change my life, and i've made amazing bonds with amazing people that will last me a long time. here are pictures from last week. (tuesday-saturday, footloose shows backstage and onstage), sunday (striking the set, and cleaning up backstage...emotional) as well as pictures from cast party, cast dinner and tonight's 2nd cast party. yes i get it all packed in, don't I? two weeks in one blog.

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I'm pretty much catching up on entries from my MySpace that I haven't put in LJ.
Here is last weekend, Semi!

I look like assface in 99% of these pictures, but whatever, who cares! It was a fabulous night. These are in reverse/random order from getting ready in the dance studio after Footloose rehearsal, before party, semi and after party.

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past week

so i never update, because footloose rehearsals are taking over my life. but tickets go on sale Monday, $15...nights are March 1,2,3,4 with an open dress on...well, my birthday, February 28th. Oh well.

NOW Footloose is the Senior Musical but I was able to see the Senior Play (King Lear) this week, and though it was 4 hours long, it was AMAZING. The effects...the acting...everything. Lear and The Fool (if you know the play at all) were both played by girls, and it was fabulous.

Last night kelsey and jackie came over...we ordered swiss chalet and watched my camp's production of Rocky Horror. Jackie gave me a BEAUTIFUL acoustic/electric guitar...which i'm in love with. I was so shocked, I opened the door and she was standing there with a guitar case, and she said "happy birthday"...she caught me off guard, because my birthday isn't for 10 days and tonight had nothing to do with it, but hey i'm not complaining. Jackie had just dyed her hair, and none of us have too much make up on. kelsey claims to look like a cancer patient, which is politically incorect.

click for larger picture, we all look like shit, but deal with it...we're the cutest grade 10,11,12 squad that there's ever been!
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i like never update anymore, so I thought I should! (thanks loveleah)
I was sick for 2 weeks, i'm now feeling better.

Friday, I went to Kelsey's and we had a grand time slash sleepover. We watched 'Get Over It' and Hedwig <3
Kelsey took some artsy pictures of me in her bathroom, and then I took some while in like...pajamas. Whatevs.

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Saturday we went to our friend Liz's performance at Second City...she's in a teen improv group, she was fantastic.

Saturday NIGHT, Julia and I went to see The Boyfriend. It was cute, not amazing, but cute.

Today I had Sushi with Leah, then walked around with her and Irina...Then I went to Kelsey's and had dinner with her fam. Then we rented Camp which was REALLY GOOD and reminded me of LONG LAKE <3 <3 <3.

And now I am home.
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my mother took me shopping today. which was so nice, because usually she makes me buy my own shizz.

in other news, I just realised how much of a passive pushover i've become.
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